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Internet Marketing Gold (or IMG as it bills itself) is a growing community for those who want to learn about the world of search engine optimization. In fact, it is likely the first such dedicated community in the world for SEO science. If you are active in search engine optimization, either on your own projects or as part of a larger company, then this is a place you should be.

The Team Behind Internet Marketing Gold

If you are seriously into SEO, then you may have heard of one or two of the names behind Internet Marketing Gold, or at least seen some of the work they have done.

The main founder is Kyle Roof. There is barely a major digital internet marketing event that he hasn’t been a speaker at. Kyle sees himself as an ‘SEO scientist’, and regularly tests out his SEO theories online. He isn’t just about building links and hoping for the best. He is all about working the algorithm behind Google for advantage. This guy is so good when it comes to SEO, he managed to get a site ranked number 1 in Google without using anything more than Lorum Ipsum text. This is something that has unlikely to have ever been accomplished before, and it likely won’t happen again.

Ted Kubaitis is the founder of Cora, one of the most prominent pieces of software used by SEO experts. Just like Kyle, Ted takes a very scientific angle when it comes to SEO. He is all about data science and the results gained from that. He co-hosts the YouTube show ‘SEO Fight Club’ with Kyle.

Finally, you have Andrew Steven. He has worked with Kyle on a ton of projects. This includes the creation of the software PageOptimizer Pro, which you have probably used before. This is a guy that not only has a wealth of experience in the world of SEO but a ton of experience in building up SEO teams from scratch.

Basically, if you sign up for Internet Marketing Gold, you will have direct access to some big names in the business. Not only will you have the opportunity to pick their brains, but you can pick the brains of countless other experts too.

What Internet Marketing Gold Offers

At its heart, Internet Marketing Gold is an online community. It is packed to the brim with people who live and breathe search engine optimization. Perhaps the best way to describe IMG is as a combination of Quora and Facebook.

With Internet Marketing Gold, you can head there and ask any questions you have about the world of SEO. The people who are answering you will have experience in that arena. This means that the information that they are sharing with you is golden. It has been proven to work. Of course, if you have a bit more experience, then you can even answer questions that other people bring to the table. Even though IMG is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, it is already a treasure trove of information waiting for you to sink your teeth into it.

In addition to this, IMG allows you to forge connections with other people. As we all know; in the internet marketing game, it is all about building up contacts. Since everybody here is interested in exactly the same thing that you are, it makes building up that digital Rolodex really easy. Form business alliances. Expand the services you offer.

In addition to this, there are a few courses put together by the team behind Internet Marketing Gold. Unlike the rest of the site, you will need to pay for this information. It is worth the cash to hear from experts like this, though.

Internet Marketing Gold Courses

There are currently two courses available at Internet Marketing Gold, with the promise that more will be added as time goes on. However, the courses that are currently available are in-depth, and if you are interested in the world of search engine optimization, you will learn a huge amount from either of them.

On-Page SEO with Kyle

This course consists of over 100 videos. As the name suggests, it is mostly focused on on-page search engine optimization. This includes discussion on keywords, building a silo, and that scientific approach to SEO that Kyle has pioneered. However, it doesn’t just end at on-page SEO. There is also a substantial module dedicated to gaining links which, of course, are vital when it comes to search engine optimization.

Local SEO with Jason Wright

This course goes into depth on ranking local clients as high as possible in the search engines. Over 43 videos, local SEO expert Jason Wright will go into depth on all the elements that make up a successful campaign. This includes details on Google Maps, optimizing images, gaining links, and just about everything imaginable related to local SEO.

With both courses, you will gain unlimited access to a chat room where you will be able to communicate directly with the course creator. This means any questions that you have can be cleared up. This ensures that you get the maximum amount of value from the course.


Internet Marketing Gold is the premier online resource for anybody actively engaged in search engine optimization. There are thousands of members who are willing to share their SEO knowledge with the world, and they are willing to listen to you if you have knowledge to share too. This site is growing daily and it is somewhere that you need to be if you want to make huge strides in the world of SEO. It is free to sign up for Internet Marketing Gold, so you have no excuse not to be diving into this treasure trove of information.