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Page Optimizer Pro vs Cora

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Page Optimizer Pro and Cora are some of the best SEO tools which means that you’re bound to wonder which of them you should use. When looking into Page Optimizer Pro vs Cora you have to look into the features of each and how they work. This is the best way to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each. Both Page Optimizer Pro and Cora can help you come up with ideas that will help you rank higher and do better than your competitors. These tools will not give you a higher ranking on their own. You have to incorporate other SEO processes such as backlinks to rise higher.

Cora SEO Software

You currently have to pay $250 per month for Cora but you get value for that money.  The app is easy to use and navigate but it will take some time before you get familiar with all the tools and features. Scanning with the app is also easy, you have to start by entering the name of your URL into the domain search icon. You’ll then be able to see the ranking after which you can change the settings to allow you to set up an output directory. Once you’ve adjusted your settings to your satisfaction you can save them and start proper scanning. Although the app is easy to use, it can take a toll on a CPU. For this reason, you’ll have to turn off all other apps on the computer when using the app. The app is also ideal for all businesses, big and small. It can handle large business setups effectively.

Page Optimizer Pro

If you run a smaller business but want to compete with bigger enterprises. The app is a product of a well-known personality in the SEO world. This shows that it is well crafted to do what it is supposed to do. Like Cora, Pop helps you compare your ranking with your competitors but it also helps you identify other variations. The tool is usable before content creation which means you can use it as a guideline to how your content should be. It can also be used with other tools such as backlinking software to enhance the optimization process. Also, Pop has a feature that allows the team to do all the work for you. This makes it more convenient than Cora and allows you to figure out what you’re capable of handling on your own and what you can’t. If you need help you can just ask the team to do the optimization and focus on other aspects of your business. Another feature that seems to be available on POP but not in Cora is the reports. You can generate automatic reports to show you how your ranking is.


When it comes to Page Optimizer Pro vs Cora, POP seems to have the upper hand. It has more features that give the user more convenience and it is suitable for all types of businesses so long as you have an online presence. However, you can choose the one that you think is most suitable for your situation and your needs. You’ll still be able to get some amazing benefits from Cora if it’s the one you want. Less

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Page Optimizer Pro veterans weekend discounts
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Normally this plan would cost you $780 dollars for the year but for Cyber Monday only you can save 50% off. That’s right, $390 dollars for the year!!  Hurry, you won’t be disappointed.


Standard Single User Unlimited Plan includes

  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited domains

The Agency Unlimited Plan includes all this PLUS the following:

  • E-A-T Analysis
  • Google NLP API Analysis
  • Project, sub user level access for employees/contractors/clients
  • Excel bulk project submission
  • White label PDF reports (coming soon)


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35% OFF POP Agency Yearly plan + 1 free month of IMG, the biggest exclusive SEO courses platform in the world

What’s POP Watchdog?

A: It’s a new POP feature that enables you to monitor for SERP changes weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on your plan and settings. If Watchdog catches changes in your competitors, it will alert you and send through the exact recommendations to update your page.

To learn more about POP Watchdog, check out this quick walkthrough tutorial where in under 5 minutes, our very own Kyle Roof shows how to make the most out of using POP Watchdog.

How many Watchdog credits do you get per month?

A: If you’re on one a POP Limited Use plan, one Watchdog run equals one POP run credit. The Unlimited plans get 50 Watchdog credits/month, while the Agency plans get 200 credits/month.

Where can you set up POP Watchdog?

A: After you’ve done your on page optimization, click the “Watchdog Settings” button, select how often you want Watchdog to run, and click “Save Changes”. A Watchdog icon on the page card will identify that the page is currently being monitored.

Q: Where can I find my POP Watchdog reports?

A: You can find your POP Watchdog reports by going to the Watchdog dashboard and selecting any of the previous Watchdog runs. Alternatively, go to the page runs level of the page that’s currently being monitored and you’ll find the summary of all Watchdog runs there. To view the full report, click “Report”.

IMG Courses

IMG Courses is the biggest curated library of SEO courses in the world. It gives access to 45+ SEO and digital marketing courses from top industry experts.

In addition, IMG membership includes: 

  • Top 15 most popular courses plus all new courses with English closed captions
  • The supportive community of fellow SEOs and digital marketers
  • Weekly live AMA sessions and instructor office hours
  • The biggest SEO test library of 160 tests with 10 new tests added each quarter

All in all, it’s $18,909 worth of value for a membership fee of $97/month and 1-month free access to your audience if they sign up for a POP Unlimited yearly plan. 

NOTE: Everyone who redeems your promo code will be granted 1 free month of IMG on December 1st. Less

POP AI Writer

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POP AI Writer is the affordable solution to provide SEO Optimized content at reasonable prices. You can purchase standard Page Optimizer Pro (POP) Plans and also purchase more credits in order to create more content. 1,000 words of original content is going to average around 5 dollars which equals 5 POP Credits.

Current users will have access to POP AI Writer and some included credits to create articles. How much? Not sure because the new feature does not launch until Monday May 29th, 2023.  Be ready and sign up for POP before the launch date so you can be one of the first people to give it a try!


POP AI Writer Credits Pricing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWiC8GRVYjs Less

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Page Optimizer is an online tool which allows businesses to better understand the SEO success of their website, invented by Kyle Roof. It is the result of 3 years of research and over 200 SEO tests run on web pages across the Internet. The tool uses tested SEO factors taken into account by Google along with a complex processing tool to rank your webpage.

Here is the Page Optimizer Pro coupon code: 6O4FKJSK

Using this information, it provides a detailed report with areas of weakness highlighted. The report produces a list of the key steps that should be taken to improve a web page’s SEO ranking, according to the supplied keyword and relevant competitor pages supplied. Through activating these changes, they state that users can expect to see quick boosts in both rankings and traffic to your most important pages and in the shortest timeframe.

The simplified interface and useable tool is suitable for any professional who publishes content to the Internet. From SEO Marketers through to Agencies and Bloggers, it highlights the key optimisation issues and produces an overall score. By changing and working on the recommendations applied, users can expect to see improvements in a short period of time.

For larger businesses or those with limited available time, Page Optimizer’s ‘Done For You’ package allows their experienced team to run these reports on behalf of your business. This is also noted as being a suitable option for those new to the world of SEO, providing educated support throughout the entire process.

Page Optimizer provides its services through pay-as-you-go, monthly or annual subscriptions, depending on each user’s needs.