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Check out this new Keyword Golden Ratio tool by Tony Hayes. The great thing about this tool is the one time fee which allows you to check thousands and thousands of keywords for such a low price. You will need some proxies and a captcha service. This software will pay for itself quickly. A company like Human Proof Designs charges $100 dollars for a KGR pack and with this tool you can get 1,000 keywords quickly and easily. Less

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Start using the Tony Hayes tool today to find low...More

Start using the Tony Hayes tool today to find low comp keywords using the KGR method. You can rank your websites faster and start earning money with affiliate marketing! Less

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Does the keyword golden ratio work?

KGR key phrases or The Keyword phrase Golden Proportion is a term created by our buddy Doug Cunnington over at It basically describes key words for which there aren’t enough sites in the entire web targeting them for web page 1 to be any type of competitive. 1. It doesn’t always work.

What is Allintitle?

allintitle. A Google search driver that permits an individual to limit the internet search engine results to only those pages with the search terms defined in the website’s title. As an example, allintitle: virus interpretation will return just records that include the words “virus” as well as “meaning” in the web page title.

What is Keyword Density in SEO?

In seo (SEO) keyword phrase thickness is the measurement in percentage of the number of times a certain key phrase or phrase appears contrasted to the overall variety of words in a web page.

How do you use Allintitle?

In the search area type “allintitle: your keywords” and run the search. (For this instance, our keyword phrases are “chocolate cake” since who does not such as chocolate cake?) Google will provide the number of web sites keeping that phrase in the title tags.

How do I research keywords on Google?

Step 1: Make a checklist of important, appropriate subjects based upon what you find out about your organisation. Step 2: Fill in those subject containers with keyword phrases. Action 3: Research study related search terms. Step 4: Examine for a mix of head terms and also long-tail search phrases in each container.

How do you find keywords?
Step 1: Research study your specific niche. Step 2: Define your goals. Action 3: Make a checklist of pertinent topics. Step 4: Develop a checklist of seed keyword phrases. Step 5: Usage great keyword phrase research study devices. Step 6: Study the search intent. Step 7: Identify lengthy tail keywords. Step 8: Find out regarding your rivals.

How much does keywords everywhere cost?

The pricing starts at $10 dollars to purchase 100,000 credits. For the average user, 100k credits should last a long time. If you are doing a lot of keyword research this is still the most affordable option compared to most tools.

What is Allinurl?

allinurl. A Google search operator that allows a customer to restrict the search engine result to only those web pages with the search query defined in LINK. For example, allinurl: webopedia virus will certainly return only records that include the words “webopedia” and also “virus” in the URL of the website detailed in search results page.