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Creating a blog or article website can be a hugely rewarding experience. It lets you help people by providing them with useful and entertaining content. It also helps pay the bills if your site is profitable. Unfortunately, running a website involves some tasks that are less fulfilling but which still need to be done if you want your site to prosper.

One task that few webmasters enjoy is the job of adding internal links to new posts. This requires you to keep track of all your old posts to identify which posts you can link new content to. That becomes a huge headache as your blog grows and you need to keep track of more content. Fortunately, there are tools such as the Link Whisper WordPress plugin which can automate that task for you and let you focus on content writing. Here are a few reasons why you should take a look at Link Whisper if you want to simplify the process of managing your site’s internal linking.

– Link Whisper uses artificial intelligence to parse your site and find the best content to interconnect.

Understanding what an article or blog post is actually about is no small task. It involves a lot of contextual pattern matching that the human brain does well and machines are usually useless at. Artificial intelligence allows machines to work in similar ways to a human brain though. Link Whisper makes use of artificial intelligence to parse your site and identify the context of each piece of content. It can then give you suggestions in real-time as you write to let you know that your current content would be worth linking to your older content to help build internal links.

– It helps build links to semi-orphaned articles with few internal connections.

Search engines won’t take your website seriously unless you do the same. If your site is made up of content with poor inter-connectivity then search engines will assume that you didn’t consider that content worth linking to. Most blogs end up accumulating a huge amount of content and it’s easy for some of that content to lose out on internal link love. This means those articles with weak internal linking are less likely to get back-linked, as it’s harder for people and search engines to find them as they browse your site. Link Whisper parses your site and maps its inter-relationships to give you suggestions on internal linking. This helps improve the link structure and lets you add links to content that badly needs it.

– It provides you with feedback on the internal link structure of your website.

Internal links in blogs and other content websites behave as a kind of node-graph. Knowing the structure and relationships of that node-graph can tell you a lot about how visitors and search engines view your site. It can also highlight any issues that may affect how well your site attracts web traffic, and how well it distributes it internally. Having good information on the internal link structure of your website is hugely important. Link Whisper can give you a solid feel for how your site’s internal pages inter-relate and inter-connect, and help you improve the flow of internal and external website traffic for those pages.

– Link Whisper lets you save huge amounts of time spent doing maintenance tasks and instead focus on content creation.

Each new article or blog post you add provides opportunities to link to previous content to encourage visitors and search engines to keep browsing your website. Building the internal link structure for your site can take a huge amount of time, however. The more content you add, the bigger that task gets. If you want your site to thrive then you can’t neglect that task, but beyond a certain point it just takes up too much of your time and eventually becomes unmanageable. Time is money, and it is also a commodity you use up when creating new content. Using a tool such as Link Whisper can be a huge benefit for freeing up your time and letting you concentrate on the creative things you enjoy.

The more you can automate the mundane tasks on your website the better. There is a limit to how long and how well these tasks can be managed manually, so using tools and plugins such as Link Whisper is something you will find essential as your blog content increases. Check out Link Whisper and see how well it works for you, and also see how much of your writing time it frees up.